Have You Been Tasked with Settling an Estate?

Are you a Probate Executor or Personal Representative? If so, you are probably wondering what that means and what you have to do. Don’t worry. Most people who become Estate Executors or Personal Representatives (PR) (which are the official titles for your new role) feel the same way. For instance, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. You may also be in mourning after the death of a loved one. Then comes the realization that you have a legal obligation to settle the estate. Most Executors don’t know where to turn for help.

And that is why we created Probate Executors, LLC. Probate Executors provides answers to questions that may come along only once in a lifetime. Typically, you will face these issues only when you receive an inheritance and/or become an executor or PR.


What is an Executor or Personal Representative?

They are the same thing. This is the title for the person who is legally tasked with settling the estate. In some places, this person is referred to as an Executor, while in others, the person is called a Personal Representative (PR). But the role is the same.

If you are an Executor or PR, your role may involve:

  • Managing or selling properties
  • Deciding what to do with a family-owned business
  • Managing a sizable cash amount
  • Paying off debtors
  • Paying taxes for the decedent and his/her estate


To properly handle these issues, you may need the assistance of multiple people. You may need the assistance of an Attorney, Accountant, Real Estate Agent, and/or Financial Planner, for instance. Your Probate Executors Concierge can connect you with all of these  professionals who can help you through the probate process. Most importantly, we can help you build a team that you can trust.


We Can Help!

Assuming the responsibilities of an Executor or PR can be challenging. For example, many Executors/PRs feel pressured ensure their loved one’s resources are distributed in a manner that would make him/her proud. After all, it takes a lifetime to build wealth. You have been given the privilege of carrying on that legacy.

That is why we offer:

  • Concierge Services developed specifically to address the needs of Executors
  • The premier Estate Marketplace that connects you to over 40 different services and solutions
  • A team of qualified financial advisors and professionals who can help you manage your inherited property


What Can We Help You With?


You Found Us for a Reason

Probate Executors is the organization executors and heirs turn to for guidance. You need a team you can trust. You should work with highly-qualified professionals who provide you with the up-to-date advice and information.

Probate Executors is backed by professionals at the top in their fields in financial planning, residential, farm & ranch, and commercial real estate, business, and probate.

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