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This package helps heirs in transitional moments get started. Our best value features all the critical tools that heirs would need. For the serious heirs that need all the aid that we can provide.
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Interactive Estate Planning Task List $79.95 X X X
Summary Estate Planning Task List $19.95 X X X
Estate Planning Mentoring Support $99/hour 2 Hours Monthly 5 Hours Monthly
Inventory Tool $49.95 X X X
Digital Vault $99/year X X X
Mentoring Support $99/hour 2 Hours Monthly 5 Hours Monthly
Probate-related Paralegal Support $99/hour 5 Hours Monthly
Obituary/Eulogy Writing $250-$550 $50 Discount* $100 Discount*
American Life Magazine $5/issue X X
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Interactive Probate Task Tool $79.95 X X X
Probate Certificate $25-$175 Printable PDF $50 Discount* $100 Discount*
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We Can Help Heirs With Estate Needs

Receiving an inheritance can be challenging. Many heirs want to learn how to properly invest their inheritance. Often heirs inherit real estate or even a business. They may feel pressured to ensure their loved one’s wishes and resources are invested in a manner that would make them proud. After all, it takes a lifetime to build wealth — and heirs have been given the privilege of carrying on that legacy.

We can help you with all of the needs unique to being an heir and managing an inheritance. Our services and solutions range from inheritance planning and receiving an inheritance loan to connecting you with the world's largest online counseling network.

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