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Most individuals going through the probate process are also going through the grieving process as well. It is a tough time emotionally, and we can help connect you with counselors who can provide counseling services to help you through this difficult time. We have partnered with the leading online counseling service provider who can help you find a therapist that meets your specific needs and preferences. Using our online partner will enable you to communicate in the way you feel most comfortable, including chatting, messaging, phone, or via video. You also have the option of messaging your therapist directly at any time – without an appointment. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can schedule live and in-person sessions. It is imperative to take care of yourself during this emotional time, and we can help you find the right therapist to help you through it.

  • Assistance with the Grief Process
  • Finding Local Counselors
  • Finding Convenient Virtual Counselors