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Sell & Stay / Sale-Lease Back

Sell & Stay / Sale-Lease Back Info

When you have inherited a property you cannot afford the mortgage on or aren't sure you are ready to part with the property; there are options available to keep your home. By selling your house to our partner company, you can take advantage of the equity in your home, giving you the ability to pay off all of the debt left by the decedent while remaining in your home. Our trusted partner can purchase your home and lease it back to you while you determine what your next steps are. If you decide down the road that you would like to repurchase your home, they offer that possibility as well. We can connect you with our highly skilled and knowledgeable lease back partner to determine if their Sale-Lease Back® option would be best for you after you’ve lost your loved one.

  • Ability to Sell Your Home and Lease it Back
  • Allows You to Pay Off Debt
  • Option to Buy Back at Later Date