Sell Your Estate Property In 30 Days At Auction

An auction is an efficient and speedy way to sell residential property.

Auctions Sell 5.5x Faster Than Traditional Sales


Want to sell your home and close in as few as 30 days? You may want to consider selling your estate at an auction. With an auction you are in control of when your home is sold without the time and strain of putting a house on the market. And with today's technology, selling your home through an auction has never been easier.

Unsure About Auctioning Your Home? Read This:


People Love The Results

The Experience working with Williams & Williams was phenomenal.

Kevin Collins - Seller
Louisville, KY

I've never dealt with a more professional group of people... Every detail was taken care of...

Jim Willburn - Seller
Tulsa, OK

It was the smoothest transition possible...I got on the phone and said, 'Let's do it.'

June Floren - Seller
Baltimore, MD

An Alternative to Traditional Sales

    An auction is incredibly powerful and an effective way to sell your home. When selling through an auction you know how the property will be marketed and are able to sell without concession. Your property auction sells "as-is, where-is." On average houses sold at auctions achieve maximum value 5.5x faster than traditional methods.


How Does It All Work?

Contact Your Auction Manager - Williams & Williams reviews your property and will make a recommendation for an auction solution that best meets your needs.

Live Online Auction - Live Online auctions are timed and online bidders compete over a period of days.

Live On Location Auction - Live on Location auctions allow online bidders to participate in real-time with bidders at the sale site via a live stream. When auctioneers conduct live auctions on location, it brings a surge of energy, excitement and competition to the property.

Buyers Pay Fees - Reserve auctions are sold subject to the seller's approval of the high bid. Buyers are responsible for paying the auction fees and closing costs. The auction fee is either a Buyer's Premium (typically 5% of the high bid amount) or an Auction Service Fee (a flat fee of $1500 or $3000).

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should I consider selling the property at an auction?

Often, an auction elevates assets above the active market and is a time-proven method for generating interest, competition and buyers for real estate. On average, an auction will achieve current market value 5.5 times faster than traditional sales methods.

2What will I have to do to prepare the property for auction?

Auctions are able to distinguish real estate as time-definite opportunities, without contingencies. The house is sold “As Is” so you can sell the home in its current condition.

3How will my property be marketed?

An auction house integrates strategic and aggressive, local-to-global marketing campaigns across multiple online digital platforms. This stimulates the market, delivers qualified buyers and generates maximum value - truly "bringing the market to your door." Each auction property is positioned into a proven sales trajectory that delivers competitive bidders in as few as 30 days.

4How long does it usually take before I sell my property?

You can sell your property in as few as 30 days and have control over the day the property is set to sell.

5What fees do I pay as a seller to have an auction?

You will pay a brokerage commission at closing, just like you normally do in a real estate transaction. There may be upfront fees required if you choose to sell your property with a mutually agreed upon reserve. These fees are credited back to you at closing. Sellers who have no debt and can sell their property "Without Reserve" will not have to put pay any upfront fees.