Cash Out Your Equity Without Moving

The EasyKnock Sell And Stay® Program Enables You To Access Your Home's Equity In Under 21 Days.

A New Way To Access Your Home Equity Now



With our EasyKnock Sell and Stay® program, you can access the equity you need in under 21 days by selling your house to us.



We'll rent your home back to you, so no moving and upending your life. Don't worry; you can repurchase it at any time.


Fewer Qualifications

We're different from the banks. No interest, no minimum credit score, and no W2 requirements. You get the money you need, on terms you control.

What Is EasyKnock Sell And Stay®

EasyKnock Sell and Stay® might be ideal for an executor or heir to get money out of the estate quickly. It's great for people who are looking for a temporary solution to the problem of what to do with an estate property - this could be a great way to get one of the heirs into the property on a relatively short term basis while trying to decide what should really be done with the property. It also means that the estate holder will not be responsible for many of the fees associated with owning a home and can provide a way to more predictable expenses while not requiring a move (i.e., maintaining stability, ill-prepared for or disinterested in facing the challenges of selling a home traditionally).


How EasyKnock Sell And Stay® Works

Submit Application

Fill out our form to see if your home qualifies. It all depends on your home value, mortgage balance, and location. You'll be done in less than 2 minutes - it's that easy!

Personalized Contract

We'll review your info and chat on the phone. With an understanding of your expectations and goals, we'll create a contract that works for you.

Get Your Equity Fast

We can close in under 21 days. In less than a month's time, you'll be able to pay off debts, fund your business, or simply gain time and flexibility!


When you're ready, repurchase your home for the price we agreed to upfront, no surprises!



Decide to move? We'll put your home on the market, and you receive your remaining equity.

The Mechanics

  • Get qualified: Once you complete our qualification form, you will be notified if your home qualifies. A team member will reach out within 2 days to discuss the next steps.
  • We create a custom contract: We agree on a funding amount, rental price, buyback price, and initial lease term.
  • We buy your home, and you get your equity: We execute the sale and lease agreements. Closing takes 30 days, but we can expedite if necessary.
  • You can carry on living at home: You continue to live in your home, paying a monthly rent. You can buy back your home, or move, at any time.
  • You buy back your home: Buyback your home for the buyback price. You decide to move: We put your house on the market, once sold, you move and receive the sellout value.

You Can Buy Back


Once our proposal is accepted, EasyKnock will send you the purchase and sale agreement and the lease agreement. We always advise our customers to consult an attorney. We will send an inspector to the property to check for any maintenance issues. EasyKnock will also run a title report and address any concerns. Upon closing, you'll receive your cash. You can access the remainder of your equity if and when you decide to move. Once a buyer is found, and the home is sold, you'll receive the remainder of your equity, minus any accrued rent and fees.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It


EasyKnock helped me when no one else would. I had a lot of equity in my home and I needed access to this equity to handle business expenses.


This was a good experience. If there are people out there with not great credit but have equity in their home, EasyKnock is a good company to help you out. I do recommend it, thanks EasyKnock!


My experience with EasyKnock was 5 stars from start to close. I was property rich, yet credit score poor due to some bumps and bruises along the way. Sell and Stay was a godsend for me – it allowed me to release the equity in my home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What if I decide I want to move?

Our Lease has an Option Agreement which has language allowing you to authorize the sale of your house at any time. You will have the ability to control the timing, asking price, and real estate agent, if you'd like. If the sale is finalized before your lease end date, you can terminate the lease early. The price that your home sells for, less the buyback price and closing fees, will be entitled to you.

2If I decide to buy back the property, who handles inspections, appraisals and financing options?

We are happy to refer you to our partners. Your lawyer is also able to assist with this.

3What if I default on my lease?

You will be given written notice of the default and the opportunity to fix the problem (aka cure the default). If you do not cooperate and cure the default (fix the problem), we may be forced to evict. Even if your lease ends with an eviction, we will still give you the net sale proceeds after deducting the back rent, legal expenses, and selling costs. Please note, we will sell the property using an auction sale process, to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure transparency around this sale.

4Who gets the value if my home appreciates during the lease term?

You! Any appreciation above our annual premium, as the buyback price is fixed, you will receive the net sale proceeds minus fees.

5Who handles the home maintenance?

The tenant is responsible for maintenance, including cutting the grass, snow removal, and appliance repairs.

6Who pays the property taxes?

EasyKnock will pay the property taxes.

7Is there a property manager?

You will not have a local property manager.

8Do I need to hire an attorney?

A lawyer is not needed but recommended.

9Do I need insurance?

We recommend all tenants consider renters insurance.