Inherited A Farm Or Ranch?

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A farm or ranch is more than a business or even a way of life-it’s part of your family’s legacy and may have been in your family for generations. Farm & ranch properties come with a unique set of challenges.

Whether you are keeping or selling the property, you will need to have a plan in place. We at All LT have been doing this for years and can answer all your questions.


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We can buy your farm or ranch property, and we can guarantee a fair market price offer.

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Farm or Ranch Land

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Let Us Sell Your Property


Selling even the most ideal farm or ranch through traditional real estate brokers can take months or even years. Numerous problems can arise with the inheritance of a farm or ranch that can stall the process further.


If you want a fast, fair offer on your farm or ranch, there is a good chance that we can help. As with every property we buy, we will try to find the best possible outcome for your unique situation.


Many things must be considered when assessing and then deciding to keep or sell a farm or ranch. Farms and ranches have many moving parts, so transferring ownership is an important step in a farm succession plan.


Equipment, feed and livestock, and land can be sold or given, or ownership can be transferred.


All LT can connect farm and ranch heirs with investors who can purchase their farm or ranch outright or lease the property.


In addition, our relationships in the farm & ranch real estate community (locally and nationally), developed over many years, uniquely position us to deliver unparalleled results for our clients.


We Can Manage Your Farm Or Ranch

You may have decided that you want to keep your farm or ranch property. If this is the decision you have made, we can help you with the day-to-day task of managing that property.

We want to help you enhance your returns and leverage your properties potential to build your legacy. We have the knowledge, passion, and focus to ensure your farm or ranch is being managed to have success and provide a steady income stream for future generations.

Increase earnings & maximize land value

Provide professional leasing and management support

Frequent visits to maintain proper management oversight

Simplify the tenant selection process

Provide year-end personalized P&L reports for income tax purposes

Farm & Ranch Is Complicated

Many things must be considered when assessing and then deciding to keep or sell a farm or ranch property. We are known for our expertise in maneuvering through obstacles and knowing whom to call – and when – for a project’s success.

Farm & Ranch Land

Residential Properties

Farm & Ranch Buildings

Business Implications

Taxes & Corporate Entities

Machinery & Equipment

Successor Issues

Feed & Livestock

Land Entitlements

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where does my farm or ranch have to be located?

We are a nationwide full-service provider. We are able to buy properties as-is anywhere in the US. We also have numerous partners nationwide that can help you with any of our other offerings.

2I have more than one property – Can you help?

Yes. We have the infrastructure in place to support multiple farms or ranches at a time. No real estate offering is out of our reach. Please contact one of our concierge professionals to start the discussion.

3Can you help if I have residential ranch property?

Yes, we also have a residential property division that buys, sells, and manages real estate. We are a top-notch provider for all your real estate needs.

4Can you help me anywhere in the United States?

We have major client experience throughout the United States and have worked in more than 80+ cities throughout the United States.