Stop Waiting For Your Inheritance

You Don’t Have To Wait

Probate can be a lengthy process. IFC's Inheritance Cash Advances help heirs like you receive a portion of your inheritance payout in just a few days! Start enjoying your inheritance!

How An Inheritance Advance Works

Free Consultation

One of our friendly staff members will explain the process and pricing and answer any questions you may have.

Estate Review

We’ll review some basic estate paperwork to ensure that there are sufficient assets in the estate for us to help you.


We can wire funds directly to you in as few as 3 days after your initial consultation.


When the estate is finally ready for distribution, we are paid back directly from your share, and you receive the remainder of your inheritance.

Benefits Of Inheritance Advances

Fast and easy process

Receive your money in as little as 3 days. Transfer forms and documents electronically and receive funds immediately when approved.

Zero hidden fees

We quote you a flat fee up front, and you’ll never incur additional charges. We even offer substantial rebates for early repayment.

Credit not an issue

Good credit is never required. We verify liens and judgments with a credit report, but it's not an issue if you have no credit or bad credit.

Use it how YOU want

Our cash advances are perfect for paying off existing debt, buying a car, covering expensive medical bills, or whatever else you decide!

A Company You Can Trust


Specialized in Inheritance Advances for over 25 years


We work with heirs all over the country


Over $200 million advanced to heirs


Trusted BBB member with an A+ rating


Guaranteed lowest price available


Your privacy and information are 100% secure

People Love Inheritance Advances

Frequently Asked Questions

1What exactly is an Inheritance Cash Advance?

The inheritance process in the United States takes an average of 17 months to distribute funds to the rightful heirs. An inheritance cash advance allows heirs to access their inheritance immediately when the estate opens rather than waiting for it to close.

2 Are there any risks or fees associated with applying?

No! There is absolutely no cost or obligation associated with applying for an advance. Consult with one of our knowledgeable Funding Officers to discuss your inheritance, the estate, pricing, timelines, etc. all for no charge.

3Does the advance affect other heirs in the estate?

No! This is understandably a common question for many of our clients. Our transactions are strictly between IFC and the specific heir who received the advance. The estate as a whole and the other heirs’ share are never affected by our advances. When the estate is ready to distribute, if there isn’t enough for IFC to be paid in full out of our client’s specific share, we simply take the loss.

4Will credit problems prevent someone from getting an heir advance?

No! A poor credit record, including delinquencies, discharges in bankruptcy, foreclosures, etc., will not prevent an heir from receiving an advance. IFC may still obtain a credit report in preparing a case for funding, but primarily to determine if there are judgments, child support or bankruptcy proceedings that may affect the eventual payment of the assignment.

5Are there any geographic limitations on funding?

IFC works with heirs to estates in every state in the US. We do not work with estates outside of the US.