Managing an Estate or Receiving an Inheritance?

There is much more to this than you probably realize.


Do You Need an Estate Attorney?

We can identify someone in your immediate neighborhood. Finding the "right" Estate Attorney is paramount. We can help.

But hiring an Attorney is only the first step. You are responsible for closing the book on a very special persons life. This is not an effort to be taken lightly. How do you ensure that you are doing him/her justice?

Of Immediate Concern

Need Funeral Arrangements - Find a licensed funeral home wherever you need one.

Need to get Mom/Dad settled? - Ask about Senior Care/Assisted Living/Nursing Homes.

Is there a Pet Needing Care? Find local assistance.

Need Help with Obituary/Eulogy Writing? Ask us.


This is an extremely trying time - Where do you turn for help?

Losing a loved one is one of the worst things you will experience. You are likely to be grieving, now you have to contend with settling an estate. Sometimes it can feel like TOO MUCH.

Solutions You May Need

Grief Counseling

You might find an Online Counseling service to be of Immediate help

7x24 hr support - More than 3,000 counselors - Highly skilled professionals ready to help

Probate Concierge Service

On call probate support

A dedicated staff member - ready to help

Answers to virtually all of your concerns

Probate Q&A

Online probate attorneys available 24/7

Get your questions answered from the comfort of your home

Executors Managing An Estate Will Find Our Marketplace Invaluable

So many things to consider - You will want to make sure that everything gets done.

A probate checklist is a necessity - we have both a summary and a detailed, interactive checklist.

Use our inventory tool to identify/document everything in your estate.

Digital items? Use our Probate Vault to safely store all digital items.

Need to find an heir - we can help you do that.

Check out or Probate Certificates - Let everyone know your role.

Need Help Understanding & Settling Finances - Both Executors & Heir

Understanding Money & Finances - Personal Finance Trainings, Finance Books.

Financial Assistance - Registered Investment Advisors/Certified Financial Planners.

Get Cash Immediately - Inheritance Cash Advances, Residential Sell & Stay.

Have Property Related Concerns?

Personal Property is typically the biggest concern.

Most estates have literally a houseful of items.

Need to make a move - We can help.

Want to store items - Let us help.

In just 11 days our partner can sell all of your personal items.

Trash/Junk? In one Afternoon we can remove it all.

Don't know what to do with Residential, Farm, Ranch, or Commercial properties?

Our property specialists are standing by help.

Want to sell - We buy, we list, we auction - ask for any solution.

Have a property you want to rent out - Our Property Management Team can help.

Need to clean, repair, or remodel, - We provide low cost solutions.

Want to donate to Charity - We can help.

Is There A Business In The Estate?

Many times, the person who passed away was the only person knowledgeable about the business.

Need help deciding next steps? Talk with a Business Specialist.

Think you might want to sell? Our Business Specialists can help with that too.

Need to know more before making a decision? Let us help you analyze your business.

Need bookkeeping assistance? We can help with that too.