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Are you struggling to write an obituary or eulogy for a loved one? While you are grieving, it can be difficult to find the right space to be reflective, thoughtful, and eloquent. Not everyone is a writer, and we hate thinking of people struggling to write about their loved ones when they’re already going through such a difficult time.

You may have known your loved one better than anyone else — but that doesn’t mean you can tell their story in the way it deserves to be told. That’s where our incredibly talented writers come in.


We Write Obituaries For:

Grieving families immersed in final arrangements.

We can also write obituaries for beloved pets.

Grieving families immersed in final arrangements.

Family historians who are documenting the life and accomplishments of ancestors.

We Can Help You Write The Perfect Eulogy

Allow us to write a great eulogy for the person you've loved and lost. We'll compose a eulogy you'll be proud to present - a eulogy that will truly honor the life they lived.

People Love Our Writers

“Ms. Lowrie gave me the support I needed when I needed it. Her obituary on my mother created a memory for my children and grandchildren to always have.  I highly recommend her as someone you can work with easily in one of the most difficult times of your life.”

Julia L. – Sedona, AZ

How Does It Work?

Clients are sent a form requesting background information on the deceased, everything from favorite TV shows to distinguishing physical characteristics. You can also send us pictures for inclusion.

Upon completion of a first draft (often within 24 hours), the obituary will be returned to the client for edits and revisions.

A final version is then presented for dispersal to media, use in tributes or eulogies, or to share with loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1How are you able to write about my loved one without knowing them?

We provide you with a detailed questionnaire that asks numerous questions about your loved one. By submitting this information to us, we can write as if we knew your loved one.

2 How long does the process take?

The first draft will typically be completed within 24 hours. The edits and revisions can take a few days, depending on how quickly you are able to review the draft.

3How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the number of words. Go through the check out process, and you will be given a price before finalizing your order.

4Is our work together confidential?

Yes. You're in complete control. Some clients mention our work together to other, while others prefer not to. It's entirely up to you. Regardless, I'm always working behind the scenes to ensure you have the perfect obituary and/or eulogy.