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Sell Your Goods Quickly And Profitably From An Estate In Two Weeks!

Founded in 1956, MaxSold has become the fastest growing online estate sale firm in North America. MaxSold is our high-end estate sale auction partner. We will connect you with local auction experts that can manage all the details of your estate sale.

MaxSold - The Leader In Estate Auctions

Sell Everything

Sell everything from furniture, art, and garden tools to collectibles and even cars.

Quick Sales

Sell decades of belongings in only two short weeks.


MaxSold has a dedicated marketing team that advertises its auctions on many platforms, which leads to bidding wars.

MaxSold Is The Best Solution

Downsizing a loved one’s estate is a huge undertaking. Over a lifetime, people accumulate lots of personal property. Organizing, donating, and selling is a big job. To do it right takes labor, knowledge, and expertise.

You want to honor your loved one and get the most value from the sale of their possessions. How can you know you are getting your money’s worth? Turn to the professionals at MaxSold for help.

Sell Everything In Two Weeks


MaxSold photographs & catalogs everything.


MaxSold digitizes & sends to you for review.

DAYS 3-9

Auction begins.

MaxSold markets and provides bidder support.


Competition at maximum. Auction ends. MaxSold processes payments.

DAY 11

MaxSold supervises 3-4 hour item pickup window.

MaxSold has an easy process and sells furnishings and personal property through estate sales and auctions. During the estate sale, MaxSold only needs access to your house twice. Day 1 for the cataloging and photography, and Day 11 for pickup during a professionally supervised 3-4 hour window. You can hire our team to do these on-site functions or do them yourself.

They photograph and catalog all items and keep accurate records of sales. You are then able to review the catalog and make sure that everything is accurate before the auction opens up.

The first thing that MaxSold does once the client signs the contract is start promoting the sale.

Although they send the typical e-newsletter to their core followers, every MaxSold auction attracts anywhere from 10-50% new bidders every single time. MaxSold attracts new followers through targeted social media advertising as well as posts on various classifieds sites.

The auction closes with an intense final 15 minutes. Payments are then collected from the buyers.

On Day 11, MaxSold professionally supervises a non-intrusive 3-4 hour window for buyers to pick up their orders. No money is exchanged as payment has been taken upfront.

Grab the free eBook – Essential Guide – Selling Good at Downsizing and Estate to avoid making common estate sale mistakes. Downsizing a loved one’s estate is a huge undertaking. Over a lifetime, people accumulate lots of personal belongings. Organizing, donating, and selling is a big job. To do it right takes labor, knowledge, and expertise.

What is covered in this eBook?

  • - Detailed checklists on all sorts of products from art to furniture.
  • - Marketplace trends in the estate market.
  • - Access to free online tools for easy lookups on product information
  • - Identify top-selling items across key categories

Since 1956, MaxSold has provided services to liquidate and sell the assets from residential or business estates. Get the most profit from your sale by following the Essential Guide.

“My experience with max sold went well. The people were excellent to deal with, especially Paula,.. She was very professional when dealing with people and myself before the auction and during the pick up. I would highly recommend your service, based on final results, and Paula making things run smooth!”
Rick Laroque
“I had a house full of items to sell for my aging mother and was completely overwhelmed with the process. I contacted Max Sold and they walked me through the process. I grouped all of the items together and they did the rest. They respected our property that was being sold at the time. They took care of all of the pictures, handled the money and the customers. There were 2 lots left over that were not picked up on time and they worked with me to contact the sellers to get them picked up. I called several times on a Saturday and they were willing to give me a few minutes to get the information I needed. It was an easy process and we were happy with the outcome. Highly Recommend.”
Melanie Frady

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MaxSold market a client's auction?+

MaxSold has a dedicated marketing team that advertises auctions on many different platforms. Some of these include online classifieds, paid Facebook ads, other social media platforms, estate sale websites, and more. MaxSold employs all the traditional tools a live auction would utilize but makes much better use of technology for targeting groups or individuals with the message. Because the event is a week or two long, MaxSold can watch what items require more attention, and update the marketing strategy as needed. MaxSold also has a permanent registration of tens of thousands of local buyers, all accessible by email, ready to view your items online.

What is a Seller Managed Sale?+

The biggest difference between seller-managed and MaxSold-managed is whether or not the seller is handling the cataloging and pickup process themselves. For seller managed auctions, the seller catalogs and photographs the items with our cataloging app and hosts the final pickup with the provided winners list after the auction closes. If you would like us to handle the entire process, it is called a MaxSold managed sale. In both cases, MaxSold helps you with the hosting of the online auction, marketing, and collection of payment.

What will I have to do during this process?+

Identify the items you wish to sell and separate them from items you wish to keep. Un-box anything that is for sale and keep the items as accessible as possible. MaxSold will do the rest.

What if I am selling for a cause or charity?+

MaxSold has special charity rates and is interested in discussing your idea to help ensure your event will be successful.

What happens to items that don't sell?+

Our sell-through rate is nearly 100%. Having said that, unsold items are your responsibility. At your discretion, unsold items can be given away or sold as-is to buyers coming to pick up their paid items.

How many bidders can I expect?+

This generally depends on the size and diversity of your items. Average events have more than 200 real people bidding, and over 2000 people viewing the auction while it is online.