Inventory Tool

Our Inventory Tool Is A One-Stop Solution For Asset, Liability, And Contacts Recordkeeping

Our Solution For Recordkeeping

By having all your assets and liabilities in our Inventory tool, you will have a significant head start to the probate process, and a central location to store and access all the accounts and contacts associated to your estate.

Using our Probate Task List in conjunction with our Probate Inventory tool will help guide you through this process with ease to ensure you don't miss anything while navigating the complex probate process.

While our Probate Inventory tool is perfect for storing all your asset, liability and contact information in a single location, we also offer another high-end solution called the Probate Vault which will allow you to digitally store all your confidential documents in a highly secured environment. When used in conjunction, these tools will give you peace of mind and greatly simplify the probate process.


Digital Vault

  • Faster Probate
  • Bank Level Security
  • Document Storage
  • Digital Recordkeeping
  • Easy to Use

Inventory Tool

  • Faster Probate
  • Bank Level Security
  • Document Storage
  • Digital Recordkeeping
  • Easy to Use

Inventory Tool Is Essential

Faster Probate

By having all your records organized in one place, you will get through the probate process faster.

Easy to Use

Our tool is simpler to use than a spreadsheet!

Digital Recordkeeping

A critical part of estate planning is keeping a digital record of all your accounts.

Inventory Tool Is Easy To Use

Create Your Probate Inventory

It takes less than a minute to create your Probate Inventory account.

Add your Heirs/Professionals

Keep all the information from your heirs and professionals in one place.

Add your Assets

These can be bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate, and many more.

Add your Liabilities

These can be personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, and many more.

That's all! Your estate is much more organized

Please remember to keep your information up to date.

What Are The Mechanics?

  • Our easy to use Inventory Tool is a simple solution that allows you to keep all your accounts organized in one location. The inventory tool is not only useful for a probate executor to keep all vital information in one place, but it can also be used for estate planning, so in the future, the probate process goes smoother.

  • Once you create your Inventory Tool account, you are then able to add general information and relationships relevant to your estate. You can make a list of all your heirs and professional contacts.

  • Next, under the Assets tab, you will be able to add any essential assets such as bank accounts, investment accounts, pension plans, insurance accounts, and other assets that you may have.

  • The final part of the process is to add all your liabilities. These can be anything from mortgages, personal loans, credit cards to any other liabilities you may have in your estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there a way to store my documents as well?

We encourage all our users to use the Probate Vault solution along with the Probate Inventory solution. The Probate Vault is our high-end solution that allows you to store all your documents in a Digital Vault securely.

2Is this necessary if I have all my information organized at home?

Yes, it is essential to also keep your information stored digitally in case of events such as fire, flooding, or theft.

3Can my trustees access my Probate Inventory?

Yes, you can grant access to anyone from spouses and siblings to attorneys.