Has The Probate Process Overwhelmed You?

You Don’t Have To Do This All By Yourself

We Will Help You Step By Step

Ever written an obituary? What about selling every personal item in the estate? Of course, there is junk too, whom do you call? We are here to take this enormous burden off your shoulders.

We have developed a unique tool that will be indispensable for you in performing your role as executor. We have an online, interactive, comprehensive list of potential tasks that you may have to undertake. As the executor, you have many responsibilities. Our task list makes it easier for you to know what tasks you are responsible for and to manage these probate tasks.

There are many steps in the probate process and numerous tasks you will be completing as the executor. In order to keep the probate process from becoming overwhelming, we have developed a tool that serves as a probate guide through the entire process.

We provide an extensive probate resource featuring lists of tasks that a typical estate executor would be faced with. Based on the executor assessment - we will tailor the list specifically for your estate. For instance, if you do not have a residential property in the estate, there will not be any tasks associated with residential properties. Our goal is to present you with a personally tailored list of responsibilities that your estate needs to complete.


The Best Solution For Managing Estate Tasks

Making the Probate Process Less Overwhelming

Keep Your Estate To-Do Tasks Organized

Summary List for Small Estates

Personalized Detailed Checklist

Two Amazing Probate Solutions

  • Summary Task List

    The summary task list breaks down the various responsibilities for which you are accountable. This list is a high-level summary of all the tasks for which you may face.

  • Detailed Task List

    Our high-end solution is a comprehensive, interactive, and customized task list that is personalized for your unique situation. It covers the multitude of tasks and sub-tasks that you will need to undertake. Our online task list helps you to track all your progress as you work through the probate process.


Reasons To Use Our Probate Tasks Tool

Online Task List Stored In The Cloud

Our Probate Task Tool is the only online task list available for executors. Having it online will help reduce your paperwork and make it easier for you to keep track of your to-do list.

Fully Customized For Your Estate

The task list is customized to you so that you only see the topics that are relevant for you. For instance, if you have inherited a ranch, you will have a series of tasks specific to inheriting a ranch that will not show up to executors who have not inherited a ranch.

Easy To Use

Our task list is easy to use. Simply start with the brief list of questions regarding your estate, and then your customized list will be built for you. Throughout the process, continue to check back in to work through your list.

Comprehensive Estate Tasks

This comprehensive list of tasks helps executors make sure they fulfill all of their duties without missing a step. Furthermore, since executors will have different responsibilities depending on the estate they are managing, the customized nature of this task list is indispensable.


Frequently Asked Questions

1How is the task list customized for me?

A short questionnaire is presented to you in order to tailor the task checklist to your needs.

2What’s the difference between the summary task list and detailed task list?

The summary task list is our low-end solution that breaks down various responsibilities that you will have as an estate executor. The detailed task list is fully customized for your estate needs.

3Does the task list keep track of completed and to-do tasks?

Yes. You are able to go through the checklist and mark completed tasks. This enables you to see what is remaining on your estate’s to-do list.