Digital Vault Is A Secure Online Documentation Storage Service

Safe4’s Digital Vault Is The Best Place To Securely Store All Your Important Documents


The Perfect Vault To Store

Location of Your Will

Bank Account Information

Investment Information

Insurance Policies

Photographic Records of Assets

Your Wishes for Your Funeral/Memorial Service

Anything Else You Feel Would Help Your Loved Ones in the Event of Your Death

A Digital Estate Vault Is Critical For Your Estate


An often overlooked part of estate planning is keeping digital copies of critical documents. We have partnered with Safe4, the most secure online document storage provider, to offer the Safe4 Probate Vault solution to all our users.

Probate Vault is our high-end, digital vault which allows you to upload and securely store digital copies of all your important personal, legal, and financial documentation.

What happens if you die or become incapacitated and nobody else knows any of those passwords, access codes, and login IDs? Unless you’ve taken steps to secure your “digital estate,” the answer to that question is a lengthy period of “digital probate.” Prevent your estate from going through that with Safe4's Asset Recordkeeping tool.

The Many Benefits Of A Digital Vault


Faster Probate

By organizing all your documentation securely in our digital vault, you can speed up the lengthy probate process. Your files will be accessible 24/7, from any computer with an internet connection. You will have the ability to grant trustees permission to access the vault and review documentation in one place.



Safe4 uses banking-level security for control of access to the system. This high-end platform is configured to the highest standards and was rated “A+” in independent testing. All files are encrypted using AES-256 and passed securely using TLS. Rest assured that Safe4 can provide complete confidentiality and is safer than emailing vital documents.


Digital Copies

Don’t risk losing critical documentation in cases of fire, flooding, theft, or any other unfortunate disaster that may impact physical documents. In addition to storing vital documents such as wills, you can also preserve treasured memories through legacy messages and final wishes in written, audio, or video formats.


Digital Assets Registry

Nowadays, most people have multiple online accounts such as emails, credit cards, websites, and social media profiles. Each one of these digital assets is password protected. You can store all your logins, passwords, and any other sensitive information in the secure Digital Assets Registry.


How It Works

Create Your Vault

You can set up your digital vault in a matter of minutes! Your digital vault can store everything from the most sensitive documents to things such as legacy messages and final wishes.

Upload Documents

The process of uploading documents is easy with the use of organization folders that you are familiar with if you ever used a PC. Up to 100 files can be uploaded at a time into specific folders. You may add comments with each upload to notate the significance of each file.

Choose Your Trustees

You may assign different permissions to different users. You may not want to give full access to the whole vault to each trustee. For example, you can have one person manage less-sensitive assets such as social media, while another party manages your financial accounts.

Download on Demand

You and your trustees are now able to download important documentation at any time from anywhere. Having everything available in a digital vault can lead to a faster probate. When someone opens or downloads a document for viewing, the log captures this activity, which can help prove whether a document has been accessed, should this ever be a subject of dispute.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why not just use email?

Email is not as secure as the Safe4 platform. You also do not know if your recipients are reading emails. Safe4 logs the activity when someone opens or downloads a document, so you always know the status of a document.

2I already have my documents in a fireproof container at home – Do I need this?

Even though your documents may be protected from fire, there are numerous other issues with holding strictly physical documents. Documents can always be lost, stolen, or impacted by some other disaster. To have a digital estate is the best option.

3Is this secure?

Safe4 uses banking-level security for control of access to the system. This high-end platform is configured to the highest standards and was rated “A+” in independent testing. Safe4 is the safest consumer option.

4I’m not very tech savvy, can I still use this?

The platform was intuitively designed to be easy to use. Anyone who has used a PC will feel instantly comfortable with the simple folder structure.

5Can other people access my vault?

Only if you allow them, rest assured that no one will access your digital vault without your permission. You may give permission to the entire vault or only individual sections to people that you trust.