The Legal Ins and Outs: When you Need to Hire an Attorney to Help with An Estate

You’d be surprised at how many people fail to get their affairs in order. According to a recent Forbes article, nearly half of all American over the. age of 55 do not have a will. Whether you need to form a trust, write your will, or have recently come into an inheritance, you’ll most likely need an attorney.

Here’s why. If you die without a will, your estate will be settled based on state law rather than your own wishes. This often means hours of headaches and costs for your legal heir. Alternatively, if you have a will, you make settling your estate much easier for your loved ones even though it still isn’t without difficulty.

If you have been named as an executor of a loved one’s estate, you may be feeling overwhelmed. It is certainly a big responsibility to settle your loved one’s affairs.

To help you navigate the ins and outs of probate court, whether you are planning your own estate, or settling a loved one’s estate, an attorney can help by:

  • Preparing a will
  • Reading a will
  • Probating the estate administration
  • Conducting heirship proceedings
  • Designating a power of attorney
  • Creating a health care directive
  • Contesting a will
  • Or assisting with other tasks for your estate planning

Don’t leave the wealth you’ve built or inherited to chance. A good attorney can give you the advice you need. That’s why All Life Transitions has partnered with many attorneys across the nation who can help you through your legal affairs. Many attorneys are also able to work with you over the phone of email so that you do not have to meet in-person. Don’t let fears about Covid-19 keep you from working with a professional to plan your estate.

Let our trusted professionals help you get your documents and proceedings in order, so you can relax knowing your inheritance and wealth are protected.

Not Sure Where to Start

Schedule an appointment with our concierge managers. They are standing by to help, whether you are planning your own estate or settling a loved one’s estate. Our team can help you determine next steps. You don’t have to do this work alone.

We also have an estate planning task list and probate tasks list to help you.

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